High standards of quality and service

Bauwerk Consulting offers quality control services throughout the construction phase for new constructions and restructuring projects involving wind energy plants. We are also specialists in the expert determination of damage to concrete bearing structures. Since the foundation of Bauwerk Consulting in 2003 we have – on the basis of experience gained in widely differing projects worldwide – developed efficient control systems which ensure ongoing, effective protection against such damage. At the interface between the planners of bearing structures (foundation base and concrete tower) and the executing construction company we provide an essential contribution towards quality and damage minimisation.

Where we excel:

  • • The experience gained from numerous onshore and offshore projects in Germany and elsewhere forms the basis for developing tools and control systems of proven value.
  • • Our professional team disposes of extremely comprehensive know-how which we are continually augmenting through ongoing exchange of experience and further development.
  • • In close coordination with our customers we develop specific and appropriate solutions.

Contact Person

Jürgen Tallen

Business Unit Onshore

Office Muenster
+49 (0) 251 135 6372